Last year I decided to get serious about starting a health and wellness journey.

Up until my late 40’s, I had considered myself healthy.  I was weighing in at the lower end of the CDC guideline for my height and my BP was consistently around 120/74. I had the energy to go from morning to night without 4 cups of coffee to get me through it.

I ate what I wanted, got in my exercise, worked and ran the household.

BUT around the age of 45 things changed.

I had moved into a new stage of life where my kids didn’t need me as much, I became restless and shall I say a little bored??

I was no longer in the routine of taking the kids to school and going to the gym before heading to my home office. We were rarely home together as a family during dinner, so not as much effort was put into creating healthy meals.  Sad, but that was our reality.

The weight started creeping on and over the next few years it all added up.

For years when I would go into my Doctor for my annual check-up I wouldn’t look at the number on the scale and every nurse knew not to tell me my weight.   Lol

My clothes were getting tight and then I wasn’t able to squeeze into some of my favorite jeans anymore.  The yearly check-ins were showing that my BP was slowly rising too.

In the back of my mind I thought that if I really wanted to lose weight, I could. I thought it couldn’t be that hard.

In my 30’s and early 40’s, if I wanted to lose a few pounds for an event,  I would just cut back on my food and I would lose it.

I have heard “just wait until your older” when it came to my body weight, muscles, flexibility and energy level.

I didn’t pay much attention, honestly.

You’re either a person that learns from others mistakes or a person that needs to make the mistakes to learn.

Guess which one I am?

So, I learned all on my own that too much-processed foods are bad for me, lack of movement is bad for me, too much sugar is really bad for me.

Last year, I had to face the reality that I had let myself go and needed to get control of my life and health. This was not how I wanted to live and I knew time was just slipping by.

In addition to rising BP, feeling sluggish, brain fog, not happy with my appearance, anxiety started setting in.  I hadn’t dealt with anxiety in years.

It was time for me to become ME again.

So, first I decided to cut back on my food intake but found I was hungry all the time.

I  cut out sugar,

but then COVID happened

and, well now I knew where my anxiety was coming from and still chose to try and control it with a glass of wine or late-night munching with plenty of added sugar foods.

We all know what is said about refined sugar and how addicting it is.  I got sucked right back into eating it regularly. I’m not talking about having desserts because I rarely did that, but eating rolls or bagels, a little more pasta, late-night bags of microwave popcorn and not checking labels for added sugars.

While I wasn’t doing great with my diet, I was making progress in other areas of my life.

I had started figuring out ways to help with anxiety.  I cut back on my coffee, spent more time being quiet and reflective, cut back on the news and social media at night and listened to a calming app or soft music as I was dozing off to sleep.

Knowing walking could help with weight loss, I started being more consistent in my walking.  I set my alarm clock earlier so I could get in a 3-mile walk and still have time to sit down with my cup of coffee and devotional, or book, at the same time before heading to my home office.

While my mind and spirit were being transformed again my body really wasn’t.

IG is filled with posts about getting in shape, eating right, benefits of exercising and I see them all, respect those that have always lived healthy and vibrant lives.  I would beat myself up internally for letting myself go….I knew better!

One day while checking in with friends on IG, I saw my friend Melanie was sharing about some recent health issues she was facing in her family and she decided she needed to make some changes a couple of months ago.  Her changes physically and mentally inspired me.

When I reached out to her she shared about how after just a few months her husband had gone from diabetic to the possibility of coming off his meds soon.  She had been able to get back to what she weighed in her 20’s.  Like me, she had known better, but let herself go.

So, I decided to give this a try…..before all the holidays!!

I was serious about getting my life back and Halloween candy, Thanksgiving and Christmas meals weren’t going to stop me.

Each week I lost weight.  Each week things popped up that were temptations, but I persevered and am continuing to because nothing feels or tastes as good as being healthy!

I am back in my favorite jeans and some clothes are even loose,  but it’s about how this program has allowed me to change some long-standing habits.

It is the habits that are being created to help me live my midlife years and beyond with vitality that has me excited for what the future holds!

No matter where you are at in life it is possible to live with vitality!  There is hope <3.  Reach out anytime!

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Melanie Silkworth

6 Comments on Health and Wellness Journey after 50

  1. Getting Started is the hardest part. I often found that after you get yourself back into a routine no matter what it may be that once you get going it becomes easier.

    Also music motivates me 🙂

    • Exactly, Nancy! Even though I had a routine for years, I allowed myself to get off of it. Used to be so much easier to lose weight, after 40 not as easy for me. Music is a huge motivator for me as well! I’m brining sexy back;) –mind/body/soul. Thanks for stopping by dear friend <3

  2. Thank you for sharing Melanie! Your story is so inspiring and relatable. In the last couple years, I’ve seen my blood pressure rising as well. My weight is fine, but habits like wine and ice cream have not served me well with respect to my overall health.

    • Thank you for reading, Michele. There is also the possibility that losing weight and eating a healthy diet will not alleviate high blood pressure, because sometimes genetics kick in. Keep track of those numbers my friend <3

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