Can you believe that we are coming up on the ONE YEAR anniversary when we were all affected by COVID-19 in one way or another??

In March of 2020…..

  • I was planning a conference with a couple of women for midlife online businesses and influencers. We had to make the decision to cancel the conference that was coming in March.
  • My daughter went out to visit her brother and his wife in a different state in March 2020 and got stuck out there when later that week everything got shut down regarding travel! All worked out and she was able to work remotely and has decided to stay permanently now.
  • Our German exchange student came home from school on March 13 and told me school was closed now for the next month, which turned into the rest of the year. He was able to finish 11th grade at an American school online and fly back to Germany at the beginning of June.
  • My husband came home on March 19 and said the offices were closed and he would be working from home now.
  • There was no toilet paper anywhere, shelves and business parking lots were empty

empty parking lot palm trees

woman wiping down grocery items with wipes


This new life

2020 was hard, challenging and sometimes even depressing. As an extrovert and lover of my freedom to come and go, it was very hard for the first few months. Can you relate?

I spent the first five months trying to wrap my head around everything, eating junk I would never eat typically, having a drink (or two), snacks & binge-watching Netflix like a lot of you did.

Time for a Change

brown hair woman reading a kindle book

Something hit me in the Fall of 2020. I was sick of how I was living my life and letting one day roll into the next and feeling like I had lost control of everything.  I had lost my mojo.

I started reading more personal development books, spending quiet time with God and reflecting, engaging more with friends via zoom and phone calls and not just on social media making comments.

I was determined to get my mojo back.

I knew I was overweight, but at this point didn’t realize HOW MUCH overweight I was.   I started searching for weight loss programs.

Making A Change

You know when you put your mind to something and you start thinking about that, all of a sudden you see commercials and posts all related to that particular subject?

I had followed an account for a while on IG and became friends with the woman.  I noticed that she was on some kind of health journey with her husband.  She started posting before and after photos and sharing how a program she was doing was changing her life.  Yes, she was losing weight, but it sounded like more than that. She was adding new habits to her life and her husband’s cholesterol numbers came down dramatically.

I reached out to her and so thankful I did.

What worked for me

I needed a program that addressed more than just losing weight, and this program has helped me adjust my mindset. It comes with manuals, a coach and a highly active and encouraging community and new friendships. (that part may not excite you as much as it does me 😉 )

It’s easy, doable with travel, and created by a Physician who is extremely involved in providing us with education, training and resources.


optavia coach


After losing 30 pounds and getting into clothes that I bought years ago (because one day I was going to lose that weight), I started questioning “could I help others do what I’ve done”?

That is amazing given my personality is one of scepticism and not wanting to “push” anything.



But then, I heard something……

optavia coach

“if we had a vaccine that would cure covid and we knew it was 100% effective and there were no side effects, wouldn’t you share that”?

Heck yeah, I would!  Wouldn’t you!?

So, I signed up to become a health and wellness coach and working on my certification now.

I am so excited to help people, like you, that have lost themselves (emotionally, physically and/or spiritually) in the busyness of raising a family, divorce, loss of job or spouse,  taking care of parents, giving up on dreams, and turning to food as a way to deal with stresses in life.

I would be honored to partner with you in your life transformation.  You can go here to sign up for a quick FREE phone health assessment.

FREE 5 day health and wellness camp later this month.

Please subscribe here to be notified when the group opens up.

Melanie Silkworth

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